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Dining Areas

A big part of Skylarks charm is its many diverse seating areas. Each dining section has its own character, so if you’re on a date, having a family night, partying with friends, rekindling romance, walking the dog or taking a business meeting, there is a perfect place to be. Here is a brief description of the options available:


The Bar

A long row of comfortable bar stools line a beautiful wood bar and an extensive selection of fine libations on the wall. The friendly bartenders mix cocktails as you watch. This area also has 4 small tables for over 21 seating only. The bar is a great place to meet new people, while the tables are often utilized for small business meetings.

The Bar - Skylark's Hidden Cafe

The Dining Room

Family seating at small or large tables are in this open area that also faces the bar. The walls feature historical photos of the Fairhaven District in the 1890’s and the room has a very high ceiling. There is also a fireplace at the end of the room to enjoy on cooler days.

Dining Room - Skylark's Hidden Cafe

The Hidden Café

The back entrance of Skylarks on the cobblestone walkway opens into the original “Hidden Café”. It has a cheery ambiance, comfy booths, and an enclosed fireplace. The windows overlook the cobblestone alley and the giant chestnut tree towering over it. In the fall, the (non-edible, but pretty) chestnuts are fun for kids to pick up and collect. Most people like having breakfast or a casual lunch here.

Hidden Cafe - Skylark's Hidden Cafe

Outdoor Patio Dining

Just off the cobblestone walkway is a patio with a large selection of outdoor tables and a tent and heaters in cold weather. It’s extremely popular in the summer, as locals love being outdoors as much as possible. It is dog-friendly and popular with families.

Outside Patio - Skylark's Hidden Cafe

Sidewalk Café

Outside the main restaurant entrance on 11th Street are 4 wrought iron tables where people-watching European style is the thing to do. A constant parade of locals and visitors pass by while customers enjoy a glass of wine or happy hour munchies. There is usually a bowl of water for dogs, and they are welcome at the tables. People often stop to chat with diners or ask directions to local shops.

Sidewalk cafe - Skylark's Hidden Cafe

Romantic Fireplace Cove

A tiny space just off the cobblestone walkway, a wrought iron railing and 2 tables enjoy a bit of privacy, and a small outdoor fireplace provides warmth and ambiance.


The Loft

The mezzanine above the dining room is accessible only by stairs and is used by reservation for large parties or meetings up to 30. Because of its openness, it’s not appropriate for private meetings or conversations, but a great party space!


Beer & Wine Garden

Open for service usually by mid-May, Skylarks Beer Garden is a dog-friendly festive place to let your hair down and mingle with old friends and new. Located just down the slope from Skylark’s tented patio seating, the garden has an amphitheater type atmosphere with seating and tables. Live music is scheduled throughout the summer on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The limited menu includes grilled burgers and hot dogs, kabobs and a variety of local beer, ciders, cocktails, and wine.  The Beer Garden can be reserved for private events, and can comfortably accommodate a group size of up to 150 people.